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Our Craft, Our Commitment, Our Mission

Read below to find out what makes up Crusader Caravans, meet the team that build you your dream, quality built caravan. Learn our vision and what we want for Crusader Caravans and learn all about our commitment to you.




Crusader Caravans are built with high quality materials and fittings by experienced craftsmen who take real pride in their work. So they look good inside and out, and they last. And all at a very competitive price.

On the road, your Crusader caravan will be stable and strong. Then, when you’ve found that perfect spot to stay for a day or a week, the attention to detail in every aspect of the construction will come to the fore. Comfort, Efficiency. Great use of space. Everything working just the way it should, so you can relax and enjoy yourself.


Crusader Caravans consistently endeavors to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with their custom made caravans. We have committed ourselves to sourcing only the highest quality goods to deliver only the highest quality product.

Delivering only the highest quality caravans and service there will not be one moment that you feel out of touch with your Crusader or our committed team of service staff. Our commitment to you is to give you the best possible service, product & memories.


There’s nothing better than getting out and about to see this great country. And there’s no better way of doing it than with a Crusader Caravan, built to the highest standards and designed to your own personal specifications.

Whether you’re looking for a comfortable family caravan, a rugged off-roader or a caravan that lets you travel in total luxury, there’s a quality built Crusader Caravan that meets your exact needs and budget. Cruise through our website, then cruise into your nearest Crusader Caravan dealership to see for yourself.


HistoryOf Crusader Caravans

Near enough is not good enough

Crusader Caravans have existed for 15 years with the director of the company Serge Valentino having over 25 years of experience in caravan manufacturing. Serge himself has participated in the plumbing of many large-scale iconic caravan companies. Crusader Caravans have built themselves on the same attitude Serge had from day dot, and that is near enough is not good enough. Crusader Caravans will continue to be the best of the best when it comes to quality, design & innovation in the caravan industry.



WatchThe Factory Tour!

Walk through the factory right here on your screen

Sit back and relax as we take you through the process of building your dream Crusader Caravan. Will show you everything from the planning stage right through to the highly informative hand overs. Will show you the building process and why our caravans are so reliable.


ABrand You Can Trust!

Our Memberships


The RVMAP Australia Badge is an RV buyer’s assurance that has been designed and built in Australia to suit Australian conditions.

The Badge is the symbol of our Member’s commitment to RVMAP Australia’s Code of Ethics, and to complying with all the relevant regulations and the RVMAP Australia Code of Practice & Compliance Standards. It is the “seal of approval” that ensures Australian RV buyers they can buy with confidence


Caravan Industry Australia CIA

The CIA aims to constantly grow the caravan and camping industry in Australia through actively promoting the economic and lifestyle benefits of outdoor recreational experiences to the general public.

The Caravan Trade & Industries Association of Victoria has been the voice of Victoria’s caravan and camping industry since 1952. It was formed by a group of caravan manufacturers, hirer and private individuals with a keen interest in the “family lifestyle” caravanning offers.