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Servicing Your Caravan and quality parts and accessories

Your caravan is a huge investment and like anything else, it needs to be looked after. Imagine the flex and the stress as your caravan rolls along behind you over many differing road surfaces from highway travel, suburban roads, roadworks, pots holes and then there are the graded dirt roads, tracks into free camps, rutted roads, the list goes on.

 It is a condition of your warranty that proper servicing of your caravan is performed by qualified personnel and every three months you need to carry out the following maintenance schedule:

  • Check and adjust wheel nut tension
  • Check tyre pressures and tyre wear
  • Check condition of brake assemblies and wear on the brake shoes
  • Check handbrake adjustment
  • Check wheel bearings and hubs
  • Check and tighten suspension and components
  • Visually inspect under the caravan for damage or loose items
  • Inspect electrical wiring for damage
  • Check batteries ad terminals
  • Inspect and ensure all gas pipes and plumbing is secure,
  • Lubricate stabilisers and tow coupling
  • Pressure test the gas system
  • Check operation of appliances and equipment
  • Check and adjust windows and doors
  • Check operation of roof hatches
  • Lubricate door locks, hinges
  • Clean ad inspect vents
  • Inspect for signs of water leaks
  • Inspect joins for signs of non adhesion or deterioration ad reapply sealant
  • Check operation of the awning
  • Check exterior and interior lighting including number plate lights

Proper servicing and maintenance of your caravan will given you many years of worry free enjoyment, travelling to those wonderful destinations we have to offer. Isn't that what caravanning is all about?


Crusader has a wide range of replacement parts available, whether sourced from appliance manufacturers or manufactured at the factory and a long list of caravan accessories that will enhance the value of your caravan.. Just call our Parts Department on 03 9408 0166 or email 

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